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Naturally Raised ~ 100% Grass Fed ~ No Growth Hormones ~ No Antibiotics

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We are excited to welcome Judson's Steakhouse as a new partner with Regal Bison.

Judson’s is in the Bob in downtown Grand Rapids. It is Michigan’s original boutique steakhouse (est. 1997). Experience the difference that only twenty years of dedication, hard work and expertise can deliver.

Diners will receive personal service, attention to detail, and a perfectly prepared steak.

They will be serving up some new and delicious bison entrees soon. Thank you Judson's for sharing with your customers the "Healthy Red Meat". Visit them soon.

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The bison was named America's National Mammal in 2016. That same year the month of July was declared, by the US Senate, as National Bison Month.

It is estimated that at the beginning of the 1800's there were between 40-60 million bison roaming the Plains.

To the tribes of Native Americans living on the Plains, the buffalo were their way of life. The animal provided everything for their nomadic way of life, including food, clothing and shelter.

But with the coming of the railroads brought hide hunters, sport shooters, and the U.S. Army, which was set on eliminating the traveling commissary on which Native Americans subsisted in the late 1800's. By the end of the 1880's, fewer than 1,000 bison remained on the plains and they were put on the endangered watch list.

Today, approximately 500,000 bison are living in herds throughout the US and Canada and are no longer in danger of extinction. Private farms gave security to bison herds and let them grow without the threat of poachers and illegal hunters.

Regal Bison Company will be celebrating this great animal all month long. Stay tuned...

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Bison Meat Sale

For National Bison Month we are continuing our AWESOME Bison Meat sale at Byron Center Meats. For the month of July, to celebrate our National Mammal we are offering a ground bison box and a bison steak box. This sale will end at the end on July so don’t miss out on this great deal. What is for dinner tonight? Easy, start up the grill, put on some bison steaks, add a little salad and you have a very healthy but awesomely delicious meal. ENJOY!!


This great bison box deal contains 6-1lb frozen ground packages.

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Let It Sizzle

This delicious bison box deal contains 4 - Sizzler steaks and 4 - Sirloin steaks.

The steak box is only available while supplies last.

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Location Date Time

Byron Center Meats Friday, July 26 10:30-1:30

Check back often as we are constantly scheduling new demos for taste testing.

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Our Story

We are the Blake and Melissa Wever family. We started our ranching journey with an idea to have few bison for family enjoyment. This quickly progressed into a herd on our farm in Freeport, Michigan. We produce 100% grass-fed, holistically raised bison. We take great pride in what we have started and love the memories we are creating on the farm.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the philosophy of raising the animal as God intended it to be raised in its natural growth cycle. In the quest to raise the best bison, we found that raising our bison 100% grass-fed is the best for the land, best for our animals, and best for the consumer. We want you to enjoy what we raise on our farm, at your table. Your taste buds will thank you,

Our Practices

At Regal Bison Company, our animals are raised with pride and honesty. We never us GMO’s, any type of antibiotics, or growth hormones. Each animal is field harvested to insure no added stress is given to the animal. We have the goal to use every portion of the animal so nothing goes to waste.

Click here to see photos and videos of our farm

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Want to learn more about how we are using Regenerative Agriculture/Grazing Method and in turn helping the environment?

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