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Brewery Vivant comes for a fun and informative visit.

We love to bring our partners, introduce them to our natural farming practices and introduce them to our amazing bison.


Regenerative Agriculture/Grazing Method

Nature Knows Best!!!

Through Regenerative Agriculture methods we let nature grow the best food for our animals and as a result provide the highest quality products for our customers.

As I learn more about this method of farming, it is exciting to see how going back to the basics is better for our environment, our animals, and ourselves.

When the current location of the farm was started 3 years ago the farm was tilled and seeded to grow corn. The ground was “dead”, if you dug into the ground there were no worms or roots to break up the soil or anything to regenerate the soil. That first year alfalfa was planted in the front half of the farm. No weed control poisons were used, they just wanted the land to regenerate itself.

Blake wanted a farm that was best for the animals, best for our environment and resulted in the best product for all of us. He choose the Regenerative Agriculture method to accomplish the best for all. This method is reversing climate change by rebuilding the soil. A quick summary of this method is by allowing the grasses to grow naturally roots grow deeper breaking up the soil to allow rain to penetrate into the soil instead of washing that important topsoil away. This allows the worms and insects to return to soil, breaking up the soil even further and continuing their natural processes. The roots can then grow deeper and stronger allowing the grass to grow stronger and richer. As nature continues to heal a field, that we have stripped for farming, the soil will continue to correct the PH and mineral balance it needs to thrive.

When others farms struggle through a drought, a farm using the regenerative method will see there harvest thrive weeks longer than regular farms. This is because when it was raining the water was soaking into the soil because the soil was broken up by long healthy roots and worms. Where other land will watch the water run off into creeks and streams, a regenerative farm will have the water soaked up into the ground to be utilized later during drying seasons.

Today, after nearly three years of using the regenerative agriculture method, our pastures have completely regenerated themselves and have corrected the damage that was done to it. The grasses are so thick there is no bare ground showing. Even through all the rain we have experienced over the last few months, there is no standing water in the fields. It can easily be absorbed into the ground.

Our fields were tested in the spring of 2019 and after only three years our pastures are not only testing healthy but have exceeded in most categories. We got out of the way and let nature do its best and the results are amazing.

We currently have 8 large pastures for the bison to graze in. They spend about a week in one pasture at a time and then are moved to the next pasture. This keeps the bison from eating the grass down too far and getting to much clover in their diet. It also allows the pastures to naturally regenerate and grow stronger through each regenerative phase. Many have asked if our bison go in a barn, they do not. We give our bison the same life they would have on the plains, as natural as possible. There they also will enjoy a buffet of grass for a week or so and then move to another area. They will not return to the original pasture for 6-8 weeks or more to allow the grasses to grow tall and strong.

As we know, we are healthy and stronger when we consume nutritious, natural foods. Isn’t it the same for our animals. We want the best for them also. Natural, healthy grass works in harmony with the bison’s natural digestive system. Which in turns results in a healthy product for you.

Just to give you a hint of how much healthier 100% grass fed, grass finished bison are then even grass and grain fed bison are, here is some idea. 100% grass fed bison are lower in total fat, especially saturated fat, lower in cholesterol, lower in calories. It has nearly four times more vitamin E, five times more cancer-fighting CLS, 3 times more heart-friendly omega-3s and twice as must beta-carotene. WOW!

Why do we want our customers to learn about how we grow our bison? Because it is in your best interest to know…

I wanted to share with you why we have chosen the Regenerative Grazing method for our bison because we want everyone to understand that we are really selling sunshine and rain. Healthy, delicious bison is the by product.

When the bison eat only healthy grasses, the result is healthy red meat for you to enjoy.

According to the USDA, 4oz of ground grass-fed bison meat has about:
124 calories
17g protein
6g fat
1.7 mg vitamin B12 (28% of daily value (DV))
3.9mg zinc (26% dv)
4.5mg niacin (22% dv)
2.3mg iron (13% dv)

You may be used to shopping for ground beef by the different ratios of fat. 100% grass fed bison averages in the 98% lean.

Bison is also the highest protein meat of all meats.

With these amazing health benefits, Bison fits the dietary requirements set by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association.

We are very proud to be using Regenerative Grazing method to fed our bison. We are excited to do our part in restoring the climate, restoring the environment, providing the absolute best, all-natural food supply for our bison and as a result providing delicious, extremely healthy red meat to our partners and their customers.

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