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Naturally Raised ~ 100% Grass Fed ~ No Growth Hormones ~ No Antibiotics

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Horrocks Farm Market

Welcome to Horrocks Farm Market (7420 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917), our latest partner, selling Bison 1lb ground, frozen squares.

Horrocks in Lansing is a shopping destination. There selection is amazing, with so many unique products. We are excited that they will now be offering delicious ground bison for their customers.

If you love great quality and a wide variety of selection of foods, flowers, pet items, and too much more to mention, take a drive to Horrocks in Lansing you will not be disappointed. But give yourself plenty of time to check out everything in the store. WOW! The selection is amazing. Don't forget to check out the meat department in the far back of the store, through the wine cellar, for delicious fresh and frozen meat selections.

Horrock in Lansing will be hosting "Horrocks Autumn Festival" this coming Saturday, October 19 from 5-8pm. Live music, famous bean soup, cider, donut holes, corn-hole games, chainsaw carver, bobbing for apples, and pumpkin decorating. They will also have beer on tap for sale, and gourmet M43 marinated brats for sale for $3.00 each.

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Central Park Market

We are excited to welcome Central Park Market (1158 S Shore Drive, Holland MI 49423) as one of our newest partner with Regal Bison.

In 2018, Central Park Market was the winner of the "Best of the Best in Holland" award for #1 Grocery Store and #1 Local Butcher Shop.

"Central Park Market is one of the last independently owned grocers in Holland with roots tracing back to 1904. Our quality and customer service is unmatched, proven by the longevity, loyalty and satisfaction of our customers over the years." From their Facebook page.

It may appear sml on the outside but inside it is full of so many delicious items. The staff is so friendly and it is full of that small town warmth and charm. Check out the delicious meats, wonderful variety of brats, fresh baked goodies, a growing selection of Michigan products, Dutch imports and so much more.

And now this #1 Local Butcher shop in Holland is offering 100% grass-fed bison ground and patties for their customers. Stop in soon to check out this quaint, butcher shop to pick up your bison for that "Farm to Table" goodness.

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Sobie Meats

We are also excited to welcome Sobie Meats (3450 Remembrance Road NW, Walker MI 49534), family owned and operated. This store is amazing. The minute I stepped into the store I was warmly greeted and welcomed to their store. As I did my demonstration I was so amazed at how friendly everyone were, both staff and customers and how they cared for each other. This market proves it is more than just selling meat, they care with unbelievable service and truly caring how you are doing. Wow!! Thank you for warmly welcoming me into your store for demos, I look forward to coming back.

They started in 2004 and have just completed renovations to their current store. From their website "Tim and Teresa’s ever-present, friendly personalities have a way with rubbing off onto both their employees and their customers. First time visitors soon discover that Sobie Meats not only boasts quality meats, but genuine and authentic personal service."

They are now offering Bison ground 1lb squares and chuck roast. But also check out their large selection of fresh cut meat, awesome meat sticks and jerky, and their chef created salads in the deli.

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Time to Stock the Freezer

The summer is coming to a close way too fast. Fall is right around the corner. Many of us are starting to fill our freezers with meat and can vegetables from the garden to prepare for fall and winter.

Fill your freezer with delicious, healthy bison meat this year. I have been sharing how healthy bison is for you and that it is on the approved Healthy Food diet from the American Heart Association. Let us help you fill your freezer this fall with heart healthy bison.

We sell 1/8 bison, 1/4 bison, 1/2 bison and even a whole bison (wow that is a lot of meat).

Go to our Bulk Bison Meat page for great information on our different bulk options.


We added a new page to our Website

Check out our new web page Health Benefits. Want to know why we say “The Healthy Red Meat”? This page will be continually updated with nutritional facts to help you make healthy choices in what meat you eat and also articles and videos we find to support the amazing health benefits and tasty nutritional value of bison meat.

If you are visiting from our Facebook page, welcome, and click on Health Benefits to continue to read the great article from the Bison Producers of Alberta website. While you are hear check out the rest of our website and feel free to leave us a comment. We love to hear from those visiting.

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Where can I purchase 100% Grass-Fed Bison products from Regal Bison?

The word is getting out there. Bison meat is delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare. And now you would like to know where you can purchase Regal Bison products or where you can enjoy it already prepared for you.

We have been asked this question often and hopefully this map will help you find a place close to you where you can purchase our quality products or enjoy our products at one of these many restaurants.

If you have a retail market or a restaurant in your area that you think would be interested in selling high quality, 100% grass fed bison we would love to contact them. Use the Contact Us section of our website and share the restaurant/market name and if you have a point person we could contact that would be great.

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Location Date Time

Check back often as we are constantly scheduling new demos for taste testing.

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Our Story

We are Blake and Melissa Wever. We started our ranching journey with an idea to have few bison for family enjoyment. This quickly progressed into a herd on our farm in Freeport, Michigan. We produce 100% grass-fed, holistically raised bison. We take great pride in what we have started and love the memories we are creating on the farm.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the philosophy of raising the animal as God intended it to be raised in its natural growth cycle. In the quest to raise the best bison, we found that raising our bison 100% grass-fed is the best for the land, best for our animals, and best for the consumer. We want you to enjoy what we raise on our farm, at your table. Your taste buds will thank you.

Our Practices

At Regal Bison Company, our animals are raised with pride and honesty. We never us GMO’s, any type of antibiotics, or growth hormones. Each animal is field harvested to insure no added stress is given to the animal. We have the goal to use every portion of the animal so nothing goes to waste.

Click here to see photos and learn more about our farming practice.

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Want to learn more about how we are using Regenerative Agriculture/Grazing Method and in turn helping the environment? Go to the Health Benefits page and scroll down to read the article.

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